Tear down or remodel?

Icon Building Group home additions and remodels

Icon does remodels, additions, renovations, and new home construction? Which is right for your needs?

It’s a question, that as a homeowner, you’ve probably faced many times, especially if you have an older home. Well, the answer (and you’ve heard this before) is, it depends.

Your budget is almost always the main factor, especially when faced with today’s home resale crisis — selling your home and moving into another probably isn’t a very viable option. And while most of us would prefer to live in something new, sometimes remodeling is just a smarter choice.

So what to look for when you’re trying to make that hard decision?

First, make sure the remodeling/renovating company you’re looking into has experience and the capability for both additions/remodeling as well as new construction. Make sure that, either way you decide, the contractor you’re working with can handle the job.

Next, beware the bargain basement bidder. Builders coming in with low bids mean you’ll likely be tearing out those vinyl floors for hardwood and tile in a few short years. And you’re making an investment with limited funds — so make it a smart investment from the start.

Doing a remodel or addition also has appeal when the home is slightly too nice to tear down. An experienced architect — especially one that specializes in renovation and additions — is key so that your home’s street appeal flows with the other homes in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, in neighborhoods where tearing a house down is a financially more viable option, your return on investment is likely to be much higher for new construction. Trades typically charge a premium for remodels — there are too many unknown variables that might have to be dealt with vs. starting literally from the ground up with a teardown.

Still not sure which option is good for you? Give us a call at 815.444.7400. Icon Building Group has done enough remodels, renovations, AND new homes to help guide you through your options.